Anne-Marie Gunnink

Anne-Marie Gunnink (1976) is an art historian, professional portrait painter and art teacher (Volksuniversiteit). In addition to her commissioned portraits, her paintings portray human figures as well as flora and fauna.

2023  Art Fair Kunst op Stand, Paleis Soestdijk
2022  ‘Climate’ Exhibition at Museum de Fundatie
2020  Exhibition ‘Muse’ by the Dutch National Portrait Prize. Loods 6, Amsterdam
2018  Exhibition ‘Self Portrait’ by the Dutch National Portrait Prize. Loods 6, Amsterdam
2016  Exhibition by the Dutch National Portrait Prize. Loods 6, Amsterdam

Art History, University of Groningen (MA), Painting classes: Atelier Westerdok (Amsterdam), Wackers Academie (Amsterdam) , Gooise Academie (Laren) and lots and lots of painting master classes.

Vulnerable reality

When people talk about realism, it’s often said that its cold, boring, and that it lacks emotion or even that it’s just about showing off skills. And to be honest, it can be in some cases.

Anne-Marie’s paintings are an example of someone who happens to make very realistic work but skill isn’t the focus. Her medical precision is infused with blood and emotions and is a vector to express her sensibility in the most honest form to her.

Her paintings confronts us to the very meaning of existence. Looking at her work we are forced to experience vulnerability.

Her paintings aren’t just lifelike in appearence but also because she manages to depict her subject’s psyche with complexity in their full emotional range.

Anne-Marie is fascinated by the themes of anatomy, taxidermy, ornithology, botany and mortality, listing Durer, Cranach, Van der Weijden, Egon Schiele as influences.

Tantus Amor Florum – series

(‘So Strong is the Passion for Flowers’, Linnaeus)

Since her youth, Anne-Marie has been een real botanist, and she knows every plant in the forest and along the roads by heart. This passion resulted in comprehensive herbaria.

She has now expressed her love for plants and flowers in painting tulips. The paintings have been inspired by 17th century botanical drawings and tulip books.

Similar to the birds, Anne-Marie’s botanical paintings spark emotions through its capricious graphic lines and transparent skins of the oil paint.

Technique commissioned portraits

Anne-Marie uses graphite pencil and an etching knife on a panel with a chalky surface. It’s a special surface which allows you to draw and scratch in the panel.  So the look & feel of the art work is like an etch.

She invented this technique herself. It took her years to discover this. Working on this surface and with these tools, feels like coming home. She also paints portraits, but drawing and etching are her first nature.

The panel can be framed behind glass, but also without glass, like a painting.

For commissioned portraits, please contact her.


Studio in an old railway warehouse:

Lt. Gen. Van Heutszlaan 9
3743 JL Baarn
The Netherlands
06 18873555 (also WhatsApp)
Instagram: anne.marie.gunnink